2016 Artists

The 2016 Marietta Art in the Park Artists are listed below by First Name.
Please visit the Information Tent  on the corner of North and East Park Square for a copy of the 2016 Festival Guide featuring a map and artist booth numbers.

Please note, artists could change at any time.

Artist Name Discipline (Category)
 adriana Bottary Adriana Bottary Fiber – Textile/Leather
 Martin_000007_034641_09192754_3706 Alan Martin Digital Photography
Untitled Alex  Fong Mixed Media
 Alex Leopold Alex  Leopold Mixed Media
 Allen Quandee Allen Quandee Photography
 Amy Bowden Amy Bowden Textile
 Gresens_000256_087304_09479252_3706 Amy Gresens Jewelry
 Andy Stivers Andy Stivers Sculpture (Metal)
 Angela Fernandez Angela Fernandez Painting – Acrylic
 Anita Bice Anita Bice Painting – Acrylic
 Marietta Art in the Park - Ann Wallin Ann Wallin Pottery
 Arleen Parker Arleen Parker Jewelry
 Rowland_000367_087239_09478856_3706 Ashley  Rowland Other
 Avril Gordon Avril Gordon Jewelry
 Untitled Barbara  Badenhope Pottery
 Beth Gaudreau Beth Gaudreau Jewelry
 Bill Dirienzo Bill Dirienzo Photography
 Billy Collett Billy Collett Fiber – Textile/Leather
Brenda Biberdorf Glass
 Cameron Lester Cameron Lester Jewelry
 Carol Bryan Carol Bryan Jewelry
  Carol Carmichael Painting- Oil
 Catherine Goolsby Catherine Goolsby Jewelry
 Charles Pinckney Charles Pinckney Jewelry
 Charlotte Munning Charlotte Munning Pottery
 Chris Carr Chris  Carr Photography
 Christina Glennon Christina Glennon Painting- Water Color
 Clay Thurston Clay Thurston Photography
 Clay Tinney 2 Clay Tinney Jewelry
 coe Steinwart Coe Steinwart Painting- Water Color
Colleen Williams Colleen Williams Pottery
  Dan Finerman Wood
 Danny O'Driscoll Danny O’Driscoll Painting – Acrylic
 Dobbs_000561_033864_09480759_3706 David Dobbs Photography
 Pottery by Frank Neef David Fernandez Pottery
 David Leach David Leach Photography
 David Neener David Neener Wood
 david sinquefield David Sinquefield Wood
 Whikehart_000568_035314_09184807_3706 David Whikehart Digital Photography
 Deeann Rieves Deeann Rieves Mixed Media
 Demone Phelps Demone Phelps Painting – Acrylic
 Diane Kline Diane Kline Mixed Media
 Francois Chaponot Dominique Chaponot Digital Photography
 Donna Peters Donna Peters Painting- Oil
 Alexander_000357_087157_09478286_3706 Douglas Alexander Other
 doug dacey Douglas Dacey Pottery
Elvira Elvira Ptacek Painting – Acrylic
 Eric Hicks Eric Hicks Jewelry
  Ethan Lillemoe Pottery
 Frederic Payet Frederic Payet Painting – Acrylic
 Garry Seidel Garry Seidel Photography
 Gary Curtis Gary Curtis Painting- Water Color
 Godwin Kou Godwin Kou Painting- Water Color
 Milligan Greg Milligan Photography
 Gregg Billman Gregg Billman Digital Photography
 H.J. Herrera H.J. Herrera Photography
 Harold Wilson Harold Wilson Photography
 Heather Baumbach Heather Baumbach Painting – Acrylic
 Williams_000027_072369_09390532_3706 Holly Williams Fiber – Textile/Leather
 Huiying Lee Hwiying Lee Other-describe
 Inna Schoeler Inna Schoeler Fiber – Textile/Leather
 James Perry James Perry Fiber – Textile/Leather
 James Smith James Smith Digital Photography
 Jamie Calkin Jamie Calkin Painting- Water Color
 Janet McGregor Dunn Janet McGregor Dunn Pottery
 Jean Havet Jean Havet Jewelry
 Jeanne Mack Jeanne Mack Painting- Water Color
 Jeff Laibson Jeff Laibson Painting – Acrylic
 Jenna Hirt Jenna Hirt Jewelry
 Deeds_000574_037708_09192201_3706 Jerry Deeds Photography
 Jesse Kunerth Jesse Kunerth Digital Photography
 Jim Smith Jim Smith Wood
 Wilshire_000537_087277_09478989_3706 Jim Wilshire Painting- Water Color
 Joel Lockridge Joel Lockridge Wood
 Quesnell_000062_074671_09404339_3706 John Quesnell Glass
 Johnny Stephenson Johnny  Stephenson Photography
 Jose Paternoster Jose  Paternoster  Jewelry
 Joseph Dumas Joseph Dumas Mixed Media
Juan Carlos Cahue Juan Carlos Cahue Jewelry
 June Pryor June Pryor Painting – Acrylic
 Kamen Kamen Stoev Painting – Acrylic
 Karen Trimble Karen Trimble Painting- Oil
 Kathryn Laibson Kathryn Laibson Painting – Acrylic
 Kathy Brennan Kathy  Brennan Jewelry
 Kathy Oda Kathy Oda Glass
 Katie Phillips Katie Phillips Painting – Acrylic
 Andry_000530_085232_09466779_3706 Keith Andry Painting- Water Color
 Ken Smith Ken Smith Photography
 kevin chen Kevin Chen Painting- Water Color
 WEBB_000736_087298_09479962_3706 Kevin Webb Sculpture (Metal)
 Kotah Moon Kotah Moon Sculpture (Metal)
 Kyle Pace Kyle Pace Jewelry
 Larry Concrite Larry Cronkite Wood
 Laura Ellis Laura Ellis Pottery
 LAWRENCE PACKARD Lawerence Packard Other
 Leatha Frost Leatha Frost Painting- Oil
 Linda and Carl Caristo Linda and Carl Caristo Jewelry
 FullSizeRender Loretta Youngman Mixed Media
 Lynn Reeder Lynn Reeder Mixed Media
 mana Manami Yagashiro Painting- Oil
 resize for netuse Marc Aune Jewelry
 margalina Margalena Lepore Painting- Oil
 Mariella Owens Mariella Owens Pottery
 Mark Johnson Mark Johnson Mixed Media
 Mark Thomas Mark Thomas Photography
 Mary Lee

Mary Lee

 Mary Lou Mary Lou Godfrey Fiber – Textile/Leather
 BluBirdsonDogwood18x24NBPC MaryAnn Cabot Painting- Water Color
 Matt Bolton Matt Bolton Painting – Acrylic
 Matthew Mayes Matthew Mayes Painting – Acrylic
 Maureen Hearn Maureen Hearn Jewelry
 Melanie Miller Melanie Miller Jewelry
 Michael Allen Michael Allen Painting- Oil
 Michael Carley Michael Carley Photography
 Michael Davis Michael Davis Painting- Water Color
Michael Denier Michael Denier Painting- Acrylic
 Michael OToole Michael OToole Glass
 Michele Blank Michele Blank Glass
 Mike Brown Mike Brown Painting- Water Color
 Skeen_000100_013742_09058821_3706 Mike Skeen Jewelry
 Venghaus_000165_045457_09235782_3706 Mike Venghaus Jewelry
 Nick Alexiades Nick Alexiades Mixed Media
 Nicola Barsaleau Nicola Barsaleau Other
 Ajanaku_000189_081351_09460891_3706 Obayana Ajanaku Jewelry
 Page Rozelle Page Rozelle Jewelry
 Richard Borden Patricia  Disantis Fiber – Textile/Leather
 Pun_000034_076757_09417213_3706 Patty  Pun Textile
 Paul Dannecker Paul Dannecker Jewelry
 Paul Miller

Paul Miller

 Steinke_000076_086446_09473892_3706 Paul Steinke Glass
Paula Marksbury Paula Marksbury Glass
 Paveen Chunhaswasdikul Paveen “Beer” Chunhaswasdikul Pottery
 Peggy Thomas Peggy Thomas Painting – Acrylic
 peter schoenly Peter Schoenly Glass
 Regina To Regina To Jewelry
 Richard Russell Richard Russell Mixed Media
 Robert Giles Robert Giles Sculpture (Metal)
 Robert Jones Robert Jones Photography
 Robert Rodenberger Robert Rodenberger Painting – Acrylic
 Roger Grimes Roger Grimes Wood
 Ron Roland Ron Roland Painting – Acrylic
 Sam Clark Sam Clark Pottery
 Samuel Bush Samuel Edmond Bush Jewelry
 Scott Hornbaker Scott Hornbaker Sculpture (Metal)
 Sergey Cherep Sergey Cherep Painting- Oil
 Shawn Bungo Shawn Bungo Glass
 Shijun Munns Shijun Munns Painting- Oil
 White_000129_022174_09107156_3706 Skip  White Jewelry
 steve boykin Steve Boykin Painting- Oil
 Stewart Rein Stewart Rein Photography
  Sue Malsnee 2 Sue  Malsnee Pottery
 Susan Marling Susan Marling Fiber – Textile/Leather
 Young_000320_077394_09431329_3706 Sydney Young Sculpture (Metal)
 Teresa Bowen Teresa Bowen Pottery
 Dirienzo_000070_076877_09417891_3706 Tess Dirienzo Glass
 Tim Ruang Tim Ruang Other
 Todd Hanes Todd Hanes Photography
 Tom Chambers Tom Chambers Mixed Media
 Tonya Crowe Tonya Crowe Jewelry
 Traci Paden Traci Paden Fiber – Textile/Leather
 Stickles_000197_083158_09454993_3706 Valerie Stickles Jewelry
 Vicki Denaburg Vicki Denaburg Mixed Media
 Victoria Jackson Victoria Jackson Painting – Acrylic
 Vikki Weigel Vikki Weigel Mixed Media
 Wanpen Ruang Wanpen Ruang Jewelry
 william colburn William Colburn Sculpture (Metal)
 William Staubach William Staubach Sculpture (Metal)
 Zeinu Mudeser Zeinu Mudeser Painting – Acrylic

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