2020 Artists

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Artist Name Medium Category
Meyer Abrams Mixed Media
Kimberly Albritton Drawing
Michael Allen Painting- Oil
Kim Anchors Jewelry
Keith Andry Painting- Water Color
Lauren Auld Painting – Acrylic
Kenneth Aunchman Painting- Oil
C.W. Banfield Photography
Nicola Barsaleau Other-describe
Patrick Bates Sculpture
Anita Bice Painting – Acrylic
Michele Blank Glass
Mike Brown Painting- Oil
Stan Bruns Painting – Acrylic
Spirit & Samuel Bush Jewelry
Linda and Carl Caristo Jewelry
Kyle  Carpenter Pottery
Chris  Carr Photography
Magali Cereghino-Groves Wood
Tom Chambers Mixed Media
Sergey Cherep Painting – Acrylic
Pui-Lan Cockman Painting- Water Color
Hannah Coker Mixed Media
William Colburn Sculpture
Keith Combs Jewelry
Kim Coy Jewelry
Gary Curtis Painting- Water Color
Adrianna D’Angelo Jewelry
Don & Serena David Jewelry
Michael Denier Painting – Acrylic
Fred Draper Photography
Julia Dressler Photography
Debi Dwyer Glass
Richard Dyke Wood
David Fernandez Pottery
Dan Finerman Wood
Phillip Fiuza Lima Wood
Pamela Francesconi Other-describe
Marise Fransolino Pottery
Lou Frederick Jewelry
Paul Freundt Sculpture
Addie Fuller Fiber
Charles Gatewood Painting- Oil
Christina Glennon Painting- Water Color
Catherine Goolsby Jewelry
Avril Gordon Jewelry
Patsy Gullett Mixed Media
Lia Harmon Jewelry
Jemal Hayes Painting – Acrylic
Scott Hornbaker Sculpture
Linda Ingle Jewelry
Carolina Isea Jewelry
Bailey Jack  Painting – Acrylic
Victoria Jackson Painting – Acrylic
AJ Jenson Other
Deborah Johnston Mixed Media
Aziz Kadmiri Painting – Acrylic
John Kennington Photography
Betsy Khuri Sculpture
Jay Kim Mixed Media
Noah Kirk Pottery
Diane Kline Mixed Media
Godwin Kou Painting- Water Color
Cameron Kruse Jewelry
Jesse Kunerth Digital Media
Jeff Laibson Painting – Acrylic
Mary Lee Jewelry
Manami Lingerfelt Painting- Oil
Joel Lockridge Wood
Vicki Love Fiber
Jeanne Mack Painting- Water Color
Anna Marino Pottery
Don Meinders Painting – Acrylic
Douglas Messamer Other-describe
Sandra Meyer Painting – Acrylic
Melanie Miller Jewelry
Paul Miller Wood
Norman Morgan Jewelry
Charlotte Munning Pottery
Lucy Murcia Fiber
Kathy Oda Glass
Danny O’Driscoll Painting – Acrylic
Michael OToole Glass
Mariella Owens Pottery
Kyle Pace Jewelry
Lawrence Packard Drawing
Mark Palmer Wood
Jose  Paternoster  Jewelry
Richard  Pearson  Wood
James Perry Fiber
Josh Price Sculpture
Patty Pun Other-describe
Allen Quandee Wood
John Quesnell Glass
Lydia Randolph Painting – Acrylic
Lynn Reeder Mixed Media
Deeann Rieves Mixed Media
Robin Rodgers Pottery
Larry and Tracey Rogers Pottery
Wanpen Ruangnapaporn Jewelry
Richard Russell Mixed Media
Clay Savely Pottery
Inna Schoeler Fiber
John Shoemaker Glass
Steven Shrader Photography
Janet Smith Sculpture
John & Laurie Smith Wood
larry smith Painting- Oil
Renee Speenburgh Pottery
William Staubach Sculpture
Kamen Stoev Painting- Oil
Stacy Tabb Other-describe
Michael Taylor Painting – Acrylic
Laura Walker Mixed Media
Robin Weinrich Jewelry
Maegan Wilson Glass
Tracy Womack Jewelry
Jim Zhang Mixed Media

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