2023 Artists

2023 Festival Guide

The 2023 Marietta Art in the Park Artists are listed below by Last Name.

Please visit the Information Tent on the corner of North and East Park Square (across from the Strand Theater) for a copy of the 2023 Festival Guide featuring a map and artist booth numbers.

Please note, artists could change at any time

Artist Name Medium Category
Obayana Ajanaku Jewelry
Kathrine Allen Mixed Media
Michael Allen Painting- Oil
Keith Andry Painting- Water Color
Megan Austin Jewelry
Wanda Azzario-Goldberg Painting – Acrylic
Amine Badr Painting- Oil
Heather Bailey Jewelry
Stephen Baldauf Mixed Media
C.W. Banfield Photography
Scott Barber Digital Media – Digital Photography
Nicola Barsaleau Printmaking
Patrick and Hil-Dee Bates Pottery
Inna Beker Glass
Brenda Biberdorf Glass
Anita Bice Painting – Acrylic
Lauren Biehler Pottery
Shelton Biggs Painting – Acrylic
Rachel Bingaman Painting – Oil

Moises Biton Painting- Water Color
Ryan Boase Mixed Media
Lisa Bohnwagner Painting – Acrylic
Charles Boniface Painting – Acrylic
Marjorie Bowers Drawing
Loretta Brown Fiber – Textile/Leather
Stacey Brown Painting – Acrylic
Stan Bruns Painting – Acrylic
Michael Bryant Photography
Dorri Buchholtz Sculpture (Metal/Clay)
Pam Buecker Glass
Dana  Burmeister  Jewelry
Linda and Carl Caristo Jewelry
John Carraby Fiber – Textile/Leather
Magali Cereghino-Groves Wood
Sergey Cherep Painting – Acrylic
Sam Clark Sculpture (Metal/Clay)
Billy Collett Fiber – Textile/Leather
Jay Winter Collins Mixed Media
Robert Copeland Photography
David Coston Drawing
Taryn Cuper Jewelry
Gary Curtis Painting- Water Color
Justine Dahl Mixed Media
Nancy Daniels Pottery
Lauchlan Davis Painting- Oil
Lina De Lorenci Johnson Jewelry
Michael Denier Painting – Acrylic
Daisy-Anne Dickson Mixed Media
David Dobbs Photography
Fred Draper Photography
Julia Dressler Photography
Jessie & Dan Driscoll Jewelry
David Einwechter Wood
John Ellison Sculpture (Metal/Clay)
Chris Fedderson Photography
Suzanne Fideli-Krongold Jewelry
Karen Fincannon Pottery
Huixiong Fong Mixed Media
David Fortenberry Wood
Ilania Fowler Wood
Jeremy Fowler Painting- Oil
Marise Fransolino Pottery
Leatha Frost Mixed Media
Cara Fuller Photography
Greg Gallagher Painting- Acrylic
Charles Gatewood Painting- Oil
Christina Glennon Painting- Water Color
Catherine Goolsby Jewelry
Avril Gordon Jewelry
Blake Gore Drawing
Heather  Greenway  Jewelry
Lisa Heller Jewelry
Todd Herzberg Printmaking
Jim Holcomb Painting – Acrylic
Jeffrey Hollington Painting – Acrylic
Scott Hornbaker Sculpture (Metal/Clay)
Mary Huggins Painting – Acrylic
Masako Ichikawa Jewelry
Carolina Isea Jewelry
Monica Iversen Painting- Oil
Bailey Jack Painting – Acrylic
David Jackson Mixed Media
Richard Jacobus Sculpture (Metal/Clay)
Michael James Drawing
A.J. Jensen Drawing
Niyati Jiwani Painting – Acrylic
Leif Johansen Mixed Media
Dayo Johnson Mixed Media
Greg Johnson Sculpture (Metal/Clay)
Morris Johnson Mixed Media
Tracie Johnston Mixed Media
Lee Jordan Painting- Oil
Misty Kelischek Painting- Oil
John Kennington Photography
Talin Keyfer Jewelry
Lisa Keys Mixed Media
Maria Khote Pottery
Betsy Khuri Sculpture (Metal/Clay)
Sooro Kim Painting – Acrylic
Noah Kirk Pottery
Kara Kirkpatrick Jewelry
Godwin Kou Painting- Water Color
Francoise Lama-Solet Painting – Acrylic
Valerie Lamott Jewelry
Tina Lawrence Sculpture (Metal/Clay)
Mary Lee Jewelry
Vic Lee Mixed Media
Wilson Lee Wood
Nathan Leemis Painting- Oil
Manami Lingerfelt Painting- Oil
Joel Lockridge Wood
Lorenzo Lollis Mixed Media
Vicki Love Fiber – Textile/Leather
Robert Lowe Mixed Media
John Lundy Mixed Media
Brinda M Cockburn Mixed Media
Jeanne Mack Painting – Acrylic
Alexandra Malautea  Jewelry
Vikki Mancil Weigel Mixed Media
Sarah Mangalapalli Painting – Acrylic
Kaisa Manninen Jewelry
Susan Marling Fiber – Textile/Leather
Joseph Mayberry Wood
Courtney McClure Jewelry
Michelle McLendon Fiber – Textile/Leather
Jason McLeod Jewelry
Don Meinders Painting – Acrylic
Kipley Meyer Wood
Wayne Gao & Michelle Chang Mixed Media
Jenna Miller Sculpture (Metal/Clay)
Melanie Miller Jewelry
Nathan Miller Painting- Water Color
Paul Miller Wood
Tonia  Mitchell  Fiber – Textile/Leather
Cristina Montesinos Painting – Acrylic
Larry Moore Painting – Acrylic
Chawn Murrah Mixed Media
Suzette Nesbitt Jewelry
Emily Newman Mixed Media
Kathy Oda Glass
Kyle Osvog Pottery
Mariella Owens Pottery
Lawrence Packard Drawing
Kennedy Park Painting- Oil
Jose  Paternoster  Jewelry
Luis Perez Toro Painting – Acrylic
Barbara & Mike Perronne Mixed Media
Charlie Pfitzer Pottery
Dymond Phillips Painting- Oil
Ronnie Phillips Mixed Media
Tyler Pierce Pottery
Linda Pirkle Painting – Acrylic
Adrienne Powell Painting – Acrylic
Patty Pun Fiber – Textile/Leather
John Quesnell Glass
Danny Ramey Photography
Lydia Randolph Painting – Acrylic
Lynn Reeder Mixed Media
Peggy Reeves Painting – Acrylic
Stewart Rein Photography
Nicholas Ricaurte Sculpture (Metal/Clay)
Bryan Ross Glass
Trina Ross Painting – Acrylic
Edward Rowan Drawing
Wanpen Ruang Jewelry
Kendra Runnels Mixed Media
Kacie Rushton Fiber – Textile/Leather
David Sandidge Glass
Willie Schofield Mixed Media
Elizabeth Seidel Jewelry
Jaramiah Severns Wood
Kevin Sheehan Wood
John Shoemaker Glass
Hannah Sidner Pottery
Elizabeth Smith Mixed Media
Janet Smith Sculpture (Metal/Clay)
John & Laurie Smith Wood
Kellie Smith Mixed Media
Larry Smith Painting- Oil
Joanna Solid Mixed Media
Markie Solomon Mixed Media
Renee Speenburgh Pottery
Erin Speights Painting – Acrylic
William Staubach Sculpture (Metal/Clay)
Kamen Stoev Painting- Oil
Greg Stones Painting- Water Color
Thom Suddreth Wood
Haijin Sun Painting- Oil
Michael Taylor Painting – Acrylic
Steve Terlizzese Mixed Media
Nora Testor Jewelry
Kristin Thorsen Mixed Media
Ryan Tiburzio Jewelry
Henry Tinney Jewelry
Jennifer Turner Printmaking
Nicole Vanover Painting – Acrylic
Lynn Vaughan Jewelry
Priscilla Venable Photography
Laura Walker Mixed Media
Sharon Walker Mixed Media
Calvin Walton Mixed Media
Robin Weinrich Jewelry
Adam Weiss Mixed Media
Sarah West Jewelry
Kira Willis Mixed Media
David  Wiss Glass
Glen Withrow Wood
Katie Wright Jewelry
Peter Wu Painting- Oil
Ryan Yan Painting – Acrylic
Sue Ye Painting – Acrylic
Zhiyong Ye Painting- Water Color
Caroline Youngblood Pottery
Jim Zhang Painting – Acrylic
Ying Zhou Painting- Oil

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