2019 Artists

The 2019 Marietta Art in the Park Artists are listed below by Last Name.
Please visit the Information Tent on the corner of North and East Park Square (across from the Strand Theater) for a copy of the 2019 Festival Guide featuring a map and artist booth numbers.

View the 2019 Festival Guide

Please note, artists could change at any time.


Artist Name Medium Category
Su Abbott Painting – Acrylic
Sam Abdelnour Sculpture
Andy Adams Mixed Media
Obayana Ajanaku Jewlery
Brooke Albrecht Painting- Oil
Kimberly Albritton Drawing
Michael Allen Painting- Oil
Keith Andry Painting- Water Color
Kenneth Aunchman Painting- Oil
Amine Badr Painting – Acrylic
David Bailey Wood
Nathan Bailey Mixed Media
Barbara Bandenhope Pottery
C.W. Banfield Photography
Nicola Barsaleau Drawing
Patrick Bates Pottery
Brenda Biberdorf Glass
Anita Bice Painting – Acrylic
Michele Blank Glass
Matt Bolton Painting – Acrylic
Richard Borden Mixed Media
Adriana Bottary Mixed Media
Amy Bowden Fiber
Marjorie Bowers Drawing
Steve Boykin Painting- Oil
Mike Brown Painting – Acrylic
Carol Bryan Jewelry
Spirit  Bush Jewelry
Natasha Caine Mixed Media
Linda and Carl Caristo Jewelry
Michael Carley Photography
Kyle  Carpenter Pottery
Chris  Carr Photography
Tom Chambers Mixed Media
Sergey Cherep Painting- Oil
Nino Chumburidze Jewelry
Sam Clark Sculpture
Triny Cline Pottery
Pui-Lan Cockman Painting- Water Color
William Colburn Sculpture
Billy Collett Fiber
Kim Coy Jewelry
Brooke Craig Mixed Media
Larry Cronkite Wood
Gary Curtis Painting- Water Color
Adrianna D’Angelo Jewelry
Don David Jewelry
Michael Davis Painting- Water Color
Audry Deal-McEver Pottery
Stacy Deline Jewelry
Michael Denier Painting – Acrylic
Bill Dirienzo Photography
Tess Dirienzo Glass
David Dobbs Photography
Regenia Doyle Jewelry
Fred Draper Photography
Julia Dressler Photography
Tracy Fenwick Jewelry
David Fernandez Pottery
Dan Finerman Wood
Wendy Foreman Jewelry
Marise Fransolino Pottery
Lou Fredrick Jewelry
Mark Gates Painting – Acrylic
Melissa Gates Painting – Acrylic
Beth Gaudreau Jewelry
Tanya Gerard Mixed Media
Christina Glennon Painting- Water Color
Bobby Goldsmith Drawing
Deana Goldsmith Drawing
Catherine Goolsby Jewelry
Avril Gordon Jewelry
Louise Greene Mixed Media
Patsy Gullett Mixed Media
Kathy Hagood Digital Media
Lia Harmon Jewelry
Jean Havet Jewelry
Sundi Hawkins Painting- Acrylic
Eric Hicks Jewelry
Linda Hill Mixed Media
Jenna Hirt Jewelry
Ingrid Hooper Sculpture
Scott Hornbaker Sculpture
Elliott Hubbard Sculpture
Carlos Iglesias Jewelry
Carolina Isea Jewelry
Linda Jackson Mixed Media
A.J. Jensen Drawing
Gregory Johnson Pottery
Ana Jones Painting – Acrylic
Robert Jones Photography
John Kennington Photography
Lisa Kent Jewelry
Betsy Khuri Sculpture
Noah Kirk Pottery
Emma Knapp Jewelry
Godwin Kou Painting- Water Color
Lela Krasnyanskaya Mixed Media
Cameron Kruse Jewelry
Jesse Kunerth Digital Media
Jeff Laibson Painting – Acrylic
Barbara Lange (Boyce) Jewelry
David Leach Photography
C.C Lee Pottery
Mary Lee Jewelry
Vic Lee Mixed Media
Margalena Lepore Painting- Oil
Manami Lingerfelt Painting- Oil
Joel Lockridge Wood
Andrea Ludden Jewelry
Jeanne Mack Mixed Media
Susan Malsnee Pottery
Susan Marling Fiber
Alan Martin Digital Media
Nikita Masters Fiber
Janet McGregor Dunn Pottery
Maggie McKelvey Jewelry
Don Meinders Painting – Acrylic
Timothy Michael Painting- Oil
Paul Miller Wood
Charlotte Munning Pottery
Shijun Munns Painting- Oil
Lucy Murcia Fiber
Maria Musngi Painting – Acrylic
Kathy Oda Glass
Danny O’Driscoll Painting – Acrylic
Kyle Pace Jewelry
Lawrence Packard Drawing
Mary Pasieka Painting – Acrylic
Jose  Paternoster  Jewelry
Richard  Pearson  Wood
James Perry Fiber
Demone Phelps Mixed Media
Vicki Pierson Pottery
Charles Pinckney Jewelry
Sydney Privitera Painting- Water Color
Patty Pun Fiber
Allen Quandee Wood
John Quesnell Glass
Lydia Randolph Painting – Acrylic
David Reed Wood
Lynn Reeder Mixed Media
Stewart Rein Photography
Jessica Reynolds Painting – Acrylic
Deeann Rieves Mixed Media
Ellen Rodgers Mixed Media
Robin Rodgers Pottery
Wanpen Ruang Jewelry
Richard Russell Mixed Media
Inna Schoeler Fiber
Peter Schoenly Glass
John Shoemaker Glass
Julie Simon Jewelry
Janet Smith Mixed Media
Larry Smith Painting- Oil
Matthew Spaulding Photography
William Staubach Sculpture
Coe Steinwart Painting- Water Color
Chad Stewart Wood
Kamen Stoev Painting – Acrylic
Vickie Sutton Jewelry
Harry Tallman Mixed Media
Michael Taylor Paiting – Acrylic
Nora Testor Jewelry
Ryan Tiburzio Jewelry
Henry Tinney Jewelry
Gyl Turner Painting – Acrylic
Richard Webb Painting – Acrylic
Vikki Weigel Mixed Media
Jim Wilshire Painting – Watercolor
Tracy  Wilson Jewelry
Mark Worden Digital Media
Loretta Youngman Mixed Media

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